If you are looking for more information on the Randy Crow, concerned citizen, living in North Carolina who has entered and paid the filing fees in 18 political races, posts on Twitter Facebook and here there and yonder and the articles I have written through the end of 2007, you are at the right place. Directly below this Intro is the information, mostly biographical, Project Vote Smart posts on me. Below the Project Vote Smart is a snapshot of my website through the end of 2007 posted by the Library of Congress, Election 2008 Web Archive Collection. My website is live and you may click the links to my articles to read the articles. The 9/11 postings are extensive and go back to September 11, 2001, the day I first determined in near real time the planes were flown by remote control drone jockeys and the buildings had explosives put in them to bring them down demolition style. It goes without saying what I’ve written in articles is my opinion. Through the years I have learned that I can be wrong and am from time to time. Its taken me a while to realize that even though something is possible, like a laser igniting the fuel in the center fuel tank Flight 800, it does not mean it did. That said, in most cases I’m deadly accurate. Rereading some articles I am amazed how accurate I was in predicting economic events that came to pass. What’s not here? My articles I wrote between January 1, 2008 and around April 15, 2011 when I brought the web site down. One day these articles may be re posted. Its no real big deal these articles are not on line, just haven’t gotten around to it. Except, its in them that I do say who I think was in charge of putting the bombs in the WTC buildings. If you would like to ask me a question or say whatever please email me @ My cell phone number is 910 386 3570.